Rachel Michaela

Lead Instructor of SFI

Rachel Michaela began her study of acting under Roger Coreman Studios legend Eb Lottimer (Albuquerque) in 2015. She went on to study under Lesly Kahn (Los Angeles) and was mentored by Sam Christensen (Burbank). In 2016 she began studying improv under Ben Taxy (Santa Fe). Rachel performed in hundreds of performances at The Box Theater in Albuquerque as a member of Big Feelings (2017-2018), The Hive (2018-2019), and The Show, the longest running short-form improv show in New Mexico (2019-2022). In 2021 she became a founding member of The Faculty Lounge and is the head instructor at Santa Fe Improv, New Mexico’s only longform training center.
Rachel has studied improv under Will Hines (UCB/WGIS), Jim Woods (UCB/WGIS), Alex Berg (Convoy), Brandon Gardner (UCB), Carla Cackowski and Craig Cackowski (Orange Tuxedo), Joel Spence (UCB/WGIS), Nick Armstrong (RISE Comedy), Amey Goerlich (UCB NY/Chaos Bloom), Rachael Mason (2nd City Chicago), Megan Hovde (2nd City Chicago), Jay Sukow (2nd City Chicago), Dave Razowski (2nd City Chicago), and Shannon O’Niell (RaaaatScraps, NY). She has been a two-time guest on Matt Besser’s Improv for Humans podcast, and has also studied and performed Shakespearan improv with Improv Boston and The Nursery (UK). She is a graduate of The Groundlings Writer’s Lab under Annie Sertich and Leonard Robinson and has been invited to continue with The Groundlings Advanced Writer’s Lab (Los Angeles).

Rachel is a SAG-AFTRA commercial, film, and TV actor and has been accepted into The Barrow Group Acting School in New York, NY. You can see her recurring as Ruby in Walker Independence (CW, HBO), and as reporter Heather Ramirez in feature film Cop vs Killer (Amazon, YouTube, Tubi).

Rachel is a commercial, film, and TV actress represented by The O’Agency in Albuquerque, NM.