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We’ve been around since 2009 because of the effort and dedication of a lot of smart, funny, hardworking people.

What we all have in common is a love of improv, both for the fun of it, and for the chance to contribute in a positive way to other people’s lives.

Here’s a quick look at our history:

In the beginning….

Ben Taxy lives in Los Angeles and works as a writer (Family Guy). He is a disciple of Jeff Michalski and Jane Morris, founders of the Second City ETC, Stan Wells, founder of The Empty Stage, and Judy Carter, best-selling author of The Comedy Bible.

  • 2009: Ben founds Santa Fe Improv with (massive amounts of) help from key staff including Maddi Knox, Brian Crane, Ruby Peru, Charles Gamble, Kate Chavez, and Robin Holloway.
  • 2019: Kita Mehaffy takes over as Executive Director, gets Santa Fe Improv 501(c)3 status, and initiates kid and teen-focused community outreach improv programs.
  • 2020: Mitosis! Kita continues to run Santa Fe Improv, while Peter Sills starts a new theater called Stage Santa Fe with acting as well as improv classes. Kita brings on key staff and Board Members such as Clare Maraist, Adrian Wallen, David Jondreau, and Michael Lovato. Peter elevates Eric Weiss to Artistic Director and Rachel Michaela to Lead Instructor, takes a commercial lease and builds an exciting theater space.
  • 2021: Clare Maraist takes a turn as Executive Director of Santa Fe Improv, then turns it over to John Cullinan, Reverend of the Unitarian Church in Los Alamos. John broadens the community program offerings and starts brokering a process where Santa Fe Improv and Stage Santa Fe can merge.
  • 2024: Lucy River, an attorney with significant experience as a working actor, becomes President of the Board of Santa Fe Improv. As the merge proceeds, Eric Weiss takes over as Executive Director of Santa Fe Improv. A new Board of Directors is elected in January of 2024. 
  • 2024: The merge concludes! Eric refocuses Santa Fe Improv around longform improvisation, authenticity in performance, and community engagement.

What will happen next?

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